Transforming public libraries as life-long knowledge learning centres

MSSRF spearheads the repositioning of public libraries across India and South Asia as Lifelong Knowledge Learning Centres by capacitating public librarians as Community Innovative Trailblazers, since 2015. The International Network of Emerging Library Innovators (INELI India and South Asia) a global libraries adapted model was initiated in 8 regions across the globe propelling community development through their respective public libraries, 37 public libraries are now an active knowledge hub, using technology, and delivering community need based services for building inclusive, safe and resilient communities.  This transformation accords the network of 50 public librarians as INELI Trailblazers, as part of the Indian Public Library Movement (IPLM), delivered more than 284 innovative awareness, knowledge based services, and initiated access to information in 9 thematic areas, including Agriculture, Good Health and Nutrition, Women Empowerment, Climate Literacy and Action, Skills and Employment, Disaster Rehabilitation aligning with UN-SDGs. The overall outreach has been 126000 communities within 18 months across. Presently 20 public librarians from 8 South Asian countries are undergoing training.

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