Women participation in dairy value chain

Small holder women farmers face gender based constraints at micro level (individual, household and community) and meso-level (institutions and services) to move up in the dairy value chain in spite of their work contribution up to 90 percent in production phase of value chain. Their access to productive resources such as technical support to improve the productivity by enhancing their skills on animal nutrition and care, institutional linkages to input and output services, reaching the scale of economy by collective action and financial services supported them to move up in the dairy value chain. Women’s participation has supported to enhance the efficiency of value chain by improving the quality milk production and aggregation, income and fair distribution of benefits across actors. Kulumai Milk Producers Company with 960 shareholders achieved the scale of 3250 litres per day production and sales turnover of Rs 2.36 crores. Transformatory changes in gender relationship has been observed at the individual, household and society level in terms of asset ownership, leadership skills, knowledge and skill, institutional linkages and recognition at household and community level.

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