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Stories of Change

MSSRF-CABI “Plant Doctors” provide timely advice to save crops

Farmer Malaisamy of Kosure village, Karur district, Tamil Nadu was hoping for a lucrative Brinjal crop in the Margali pattam (Rabi season) of 2015.

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Water Security –community efforts to overcome drought

The drought declaration in many states, especially the ‘water sensitive’ five southern states, indicates that we are facing an alarming water crisis this year.

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Smart Food’ Millet communication strategy wins award

'Smart Food' a concept to create demand pull for millets has been awarded an international 'Launch Food' Innovation award.

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Publications and Newsletters

International Conference 2021

This fortnight e-synergy has some of the eminent participants’ videos who speak on various issues related to food and agriculture.

MSSRF Annual Report 2020-2021

Thirty-First Annual Report



The 2022 Mina Swaminathan Media Fellowship comes to an end
By: Ms Sangeetha Rajeesh
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Rooting for mangroves
By: Ms Sangeetha Rajeesh and Ms Balasundari D
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