National Science Day: Prof M S Swaminathan



Chennai, February 28, 2018: Scientific progress is the foundation for achieving our goals in every field of human activity. In our country the support given to science has lead to remarkable achievements in agriculture, health, and industry. The Science Day helps us to renew our commitment to support science, both with reference to advances in knowledge and advances in production and productivity. Apart from scientific knowledge, scientific culture helps us to overcome prejudices and social and gender inequity. It is therefore appropriate that a National Science Day is being commemorated particularly to celebrate the life and work of Sir C V Raman. CV Raman’s work leading to the Raman Effect and a Nobel Prize in Physics was done with simple instruments in a small laboratory. The National Science Day will help to reiterate the importance of brains in making worthwhile achievements, instead of undue emphasis on brick and mortar. In particular, we should remember what the Roman Philosopher Seneca said, “a hungry person listens neither to reason nor religion; but wants foodtoday”. Elimination of hunger and poverty should occupy high priority in harnessing science for human welfare.