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Mina Swaminathan Media Fellowship

Gendered impact of Covid-19 on livelihoods, food and nutrition security of rural and tribal communities

The Mina Swaminathan Fellowship is constituted in 2020-21, aims to intensify focus on the theme of gender in MSSRF, in recognition of Ms Mina Swaminathan’s contribution to operationalizing gender and development as part of the institution’s core commitment to a pro-woman, pro-poor and pro-nature approach. MSSRF began a gendered approach to research and development under the leadership of Ms Mina Swaminathan several years ago. She is nationally known for her contributions towards developing a holistic view on gender equality and child development, including the Integrated Child Development Services, which takes account of the multiple needs and roles of women.

The Mina Swaminathan Fellowship is constituted with a main objective of promoting the exchange of ideas between researchers and the media for greater partnerships between science and media. The theme for the Fellowship 2021 is: “Gendered livelihood transformations and their impacts on food, nutrition and health security in the hinterlands of India”.

Three young media fellows were identified through an expert committee and mentored by the researcher in the field sites in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Odisha. The specific theme of 2020-21 fellowship was Gendered Impact of Covid-19, how the pandemic has changed the women’s lives in the areas of agriculture, employment, income and access to market, healthcare, house maintenance, care work etc. The selected three media fellows were oriented on the activities of the foundation in the areas of gender and livelihoods, specific field sites as well as the objectives of the fellowship.

  1. Ms V Nandhini, Tamil Nadu
  2. Ms Jomol Jose, Kerala
  3. Mr K Shreekanta Sahoo, Odisha

Policy Briefs

Media policy 2020 Tamilnadu

Media Policy 2020 Kerala

Media Policy 2020 Odisha

The theme for the 2021-22 fellowship is: Gender Transformative Approaches for Sustainable Food systems. The 2021 media fellows will study and report on the gender transformative approaches and strategies in promoting sustainable food production systems in rural and tribal landscapes in the states of Odisha, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The selected media fellows are:

  1. Ms Dharini Balasubramanian, Tamil Nadu
  2. Ms Neenu Mohan, Kerala
  3. Mr Gyananchand Jagannath, Odisha

Publications and Newsletters

International Conference 2021

This fortnight e-synergy has some of the eminent participants’ videos who speak on various issues related to food and agriculture.

MSSRF Annual Report 2020-2021

Thirty-First Annual Report



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