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The Hindu Media Resource Centre

The Hindu Media Resource Centre (THMRC), established at MSSRF, through an endowment from The Hindu group of publications in 1998, has been facilitating the Foundation vision of linking “Science and Society” through media discourse, capacity development and media outreach, specifically for greater understanding of science and development subjects.

Vision: Serve as a link between development, media and society to enable knowledge sharing and discourse on scientific issues, for sustainable change.

Mission: Act as a platform for exchange of ideas between scientists and the media; promote public understanding of critical development issues and provide space for interaction between media personnel and scientific research through public forums, lectures and workshops.

Over the years, the Centre has used various methods of communication including, print, online, video, audio and books; seminars, workshops, millennium lectures, symposiums and conferences towards communicating and facilitating greater sharing and understanding on scientific subjects. It has helped facilitate print news stories, special series on TV, on radio, books and documentations besides collating videos and creating online repository on science and development. The Centre has made use of varied forms of media for effective science communication in the country.

The Media Centre was a joint recipient of the Jawaharlal Nehru Prize for the year 2008 – 2009 conferred by the Indian Science Congress Association for propagating science.

Contact: hmrc@mssrf.res.in

Publications and Newsletters

International Conference 2021

This fortnight e-synergy has some of the eminent participants’ videos who speak on various issues related to food and agriculture.

MSSRF Annual Report 2020-2021

Thirty-First Annual Report



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